About infoPresence LLC

The company was founded in 2016 in Port St. Lucie, Florida with the purpose of helping local business with online marketing and advertising.

infoPresence LLC is run by Felix Nystrom and Tage Tatman. Felix has nearly two decades worth of experience in online advertising, marketing, and web development. Tage Tatman brings a 20-year career in business and sales to the company.

The idea to start the company arose during a visit to Florida between Felix and Tage. It became evident that there was an opportunity to combine Felix and Tage’s skills to create an opportunity for local businesses to increase visibility through mobile platforms and online advertising. As Felix and Tage researched the business opportunities locally and throughout the rest of Florida, the two of them decided to endeavor on this journey to leverage their talents and services to the local Florida market.

infoPresence is a comprehensive online advertising and digital marketing firm that provides a broad range of services, including those related to marketing consulting and planning, social media communication and management, production services for websites, advertising and SEO management and mobile-first websites. This wide scope of work allows infoPresence to be a comprehensive service provider for its customers’ digital marketing needs with customized solutions tailored to each customers’ unique circumstances.

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