Timing and content are the two most important things when it comes to updating your social network. Your timing can determine the number of people that will see your contents while your contents are what helps to engage the people who see your post.

So … When is the best time to post content on your Facebook business page?

Every business has different days and times that work best for them. The best time to post contents on your business page all depends on how your target audience interacts with the platform, where your audience comes from, your contents, and your goals.

One best way to know when to update your Facebook business page is to use the Facebook Insight tool. This is a valuable tool that helps to improve your marketing. Through this tool, you can get detailed information about when your audience is online, the contents they like, etc.

View When your Audience are Online

The Facebook Insight tool allows you to know the number of fans who saw any posts on Facebook by day of the week and the average number of fans who saw any posts in an hour. It mainly focuses on how many of your audience are on Facebook at a given time.

View Reach and Post Engagement

Facebook Insight tool also helps you to know the best content to post. The Engagement Rate helps you to understand the success of your individual posts. Facebook calculates the official Engagement Rate as the percentage of people who saw a post that reacted to, shared, clicked, or commented on it.

With this, you know the type of contents your audience likes and how to satisfy them. This helps you to know the best content to upload on your page.

Things to avoid on your Facebook page:

These are some errors that you should avoid making when posting on your business timeline:

  1. Using Facebook posts as pitches
  2. Disabling wall posts
  3. Being absent when customers talk back
  4. Posting too often
  5. Treating the page like a profile
  6. Lack of multimedia
  7. Posting too rarely

A Facebook business page is a very good tool when looking for a marketing channel. But it can be the downfall of your marketing objectives if it is not implemented correctly. You should avoid making simple mistakes that can make you lose your potential customers.

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