Why should your business get a professional website?

Many small businesses have doubts of the benefits and a website will provide and the investment in building one. They might also be skeptical of the website use of their potential customers. These are general misconceptions and below you will see some reasons why it is important to get a professional website regardless the size of the business.




A website is always online and can be seen by potential customers even when your office is closed. It is faster and easier to update your website than to update brochures and other printed material. It is also easy to promote upcoming events or special services. It is much easier to keep a website up to date than for example print ads.



A website is a great place to showcase your work regardless business your business. You can for example show work you performed for customers, testimonials or image portfolios. Also, a great place to display instruction videos or demonstrations.



Having a website enables you to reach customers you never thought of. If you are in the retail business an eCommerce site would even enable you to sell products globally, Almost everything can be sold online these days.

Money Saver


A lot of small business owners think they can’t afford a professional website, however the biggest question how they can afford not to have a website. Initial design cost depends on how advanced the site is and level of web design and designer. However when the site is built the cost generally goes down a lot and usually cost around $100-150 including maintenance. There are also cheaper services where you can get hosting down to as little as $20 though then the maintenance is not included and the load speed of the site is slower. Regardless less though if you consider the cost of a newspaper ad then it is extremely cost effective.



These days 81% of all customers search online for the products or services before they buy. By having a website your business will gain credibility, and without one, you might lose customers to competitors. A poor out of date website will also have a negative impact on your business and you should consider revamping your site by a professional designer to increase user friendliness and inspire customer confidence.

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