Currently, it seems everyone owns a smartphone. And they use it a lot, even when you least expect it. A research from the Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C., indicates 92 percent of Americans have cell phones; two-third have smartphones. Of those with smartphones:

  • 89 percent have used them to search the internet
  • 60 percent to research information about a health issue
  • 57 percent to do online banking
  • 43 percent to look up job information
  • and 97 percent to send a text message.

Now think: “Which device does my prospective customer use to check my website the most?” Yes: Their smartphones. And we all know that the primary motive of a business website is to generate revenue. A responsive mobile website is the best way to achieve this.

Here are some reasons why your business should have a mobile friendly website:

Vast growth in Mobile Internet Users

The population of people using a mobile phone is large. Studies have shown that there will continue to be an increase in the use of mobile phones and that the majority of users will be using mobile devices as their primary gateway to the Internet.

There is also a very large percentage of smartphone users – also likely to increase as time goes on. So why not create a mobile friendly website to cater for this increasing population?

Google wants Mobile Websites

Google recommends that websites be mobile friendly. And when Google makes their recommendations, marketers pay attention because Google controls a large percentage (67%) of the search market share. With a responsive website for your business, you have a single URL and HTML which helps to improve your search engine ranking.

Websites made for desktops do not deliver a good user experience when accessed on a Smartphone. Google intends to prevent user frustration by providing web surfers a superior Internet experience.

Easy to Manage

When you have different desktop and mobile websites for your business, you’ll need separate SEO campaigns, too. It’s much simpler managing one business website and one SEO campaign, compared to managing two websites and two SEO campaigns.

With a single mobile responsive business website, you can optimize for the prime keywords of your business that potential visitors to your website may use on their mobile devices.

E-commerce is more efficient on mobile

The dramatic growth of mobile Commerce in the last 5 years has prompted small businesses to revamp their business websites.

When your e-commerce website is directed at desktop users, it gives a bad user experience for mobile users. This means you lose some potential customers since most people visiting your website are mobile or smartphone users. This would, in turn, affect sales.

Losing business to competitors

In an industry where competition is very fierce, one way to get ahead is by using a mobile friendly website. A lot of companies are opting into using mobile friendly websites and this is helping them to reach a larger market. If you to create your company’s website in a mobile friendly manner you can avoid losing customers to your competitors.

A mobile friendly website is an undisputed advantage to your business. With the vast increase in the number of smartphone users, your business enterprise will miss out on an excellent opportunity if it isn’t driven by a mobile-friendly website.

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